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Social dynamics and equity

It is useless to attract if you are not able to retain and integrate; if you are unable to ensure equal accessibility to opportunities by countering inequalities. In these terms the dimensional growth of the metropolis is an opportunity, but also a threat. If it is true that the future success of the city is entrusted to the ability of involving people and organisations that recognise themselves in the values of its culture and traditions, it is also true that the active contribution of all parties is fundamental in order to make of culture and traditions a living asset, a dynamic process that is able to enrich itself through diversity and evolve. Participation and engagement are thus drivers to be invested in, setting inclusion and socio-economic equity (concerning income but also gender and intergenerational equity) as the primary goals. In this perspective, social dynamics and equity are measured in terms of “youth capital”, foreigners, income equity, balance between wages and cost of living, social inclusion, women-work relationship, no profit institutions and volunteers.

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